Recovery and Radicalism

A must-read for anyone with questions or doubts about the Judeo-Christian, patriarchal basis of 12-step programs.

Emmi Bevensee...

(cover image by Carlie Johnson)

PRINTABLE ZINE FORMAT! >> Recovery and Radicalism zine

Big thanks to Kameron Fein for the amazing writing and love you put into this. Thanks to Beth Payne, Megan Walline, and Andrew Conway for your tireless help editing and critiquing despite my consistent and silly mistakes. Thanks to Carlie Johnson for doing the amazing art! Thanks to Jamal for encouraging and inspiring me to start this. A lot of other people have supported this piece whether directly or indirectly. I hope it serves a need and addresses some of what folks were struggling with or thinking about.  We are open to updating things as well if you, the reader, see something problematic or incorrect. 


    • Emmi
    • Kameron
    • What are Drugs?
    • What the Hell is an Addict?
    • What the Hell is Recovery?
    • Drug Use and Activism
      • Inebriation and Sexual Assault in Radical…

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