One Year


I have one year sober today. Fucking A. I would have liked to wake up this morning in a state of bliss, with scenes from the last year flashing through my brain in a touching slide show, but that’s not exactly what happened. I am actually feeling quite grumpy about several things, which are not really worth recording here, because if there’s anything I’ve learned this past year, it’s that my sources of grumpiness will soon pass. I will share one, though, since it’s kind of funny:

I have the day off and took the opportunity to sleep past 9am. Not even a great sleep-in in my book, but it felt fairly deserved, considering how efficiently and responsibly I’ve been working (and NOT DRINKING for A WHOLE YEAR). Continue reading


Am I An Alcoholic? A Self-Interview

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I’ve been wanting to post this interview with myself as a permanent page for a while. “Am I an alcoholic?” is a question I used to Google regularly. In two weeks from today, I will have a full year of sobriety, during which I’ve finally been able to answer it.

I’ll update the page with new questions as they arise.

Blackout Drunks and Steve Urkel

I took myself verrry seriously when I was drinking. I was like the defensive dictator of a failing regime, unable to see myself through the lens of satire. But the best part about openly acknowledging your weaknesses is that other people can’t attack you with them! So now I laugh at myself and surround myself with people who do the same and freedom is the law of the land.

I got to see John Mulaney perform live recently, which was delightful. He didn’t talk about sobriety this show but has several hilarious bits about his former life as a blackout drinker. There’s the one above and my favorite, “Why I Don’t Drink Anymore,” which is for some reason no longer on YouTube but can be seen here: “And I had that thought, that only blackout drunks and Steve Urkel can have…”