On Dancing and Drinking

I’m obsessed with this video for Sia’s “Chandelier.” At first, I couldn’t take in much beyond the brilliant Maddie Ziegler, who is the only reason I watch the otherwise very trashy Dance Moms. This kid is hella talented, and it’s so cool to see her in something more sophisticated than a children’s dance competition.

But on actually listening to the lyrics, it started to dawn on me: this is a song about alcoholism! Sure enough, Sia is sober and doing the 12-step thing. I admire her a lot for revealing this, considering she’s an intensely private person who rarely does interviews. That’s another reason I love the video for “Chandelier”: it’s an ideal collaboration between two artists (one camera-shy and the other visually magnetic) playing to their individual strengths. I also love this live version where Maddie dances and Sia sings the whole song facing a corner. Continue reading